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Ed Frez

Hello! I saw that your website already has good content but based on my observations, I think that your clients would really be more engaged if you give it a more cutting edge look or add a few user-friendly elements to it (or even a few new functionalities). Is this something that you are interested in? I sent this email to know if you're interested in any upgrades or changes on your website that can help your business. I'm Ed Frez, an expert in WordPress and various other website platforms / shopping carts (I'd love to tell you more about these platforms if you're not familiar with them) and we can help you in setting those up for your website. I can give you plenty of information and a portfolio of what we've done for other clients and other sites, and also what the results have been. If you like, we can talk more about it in the next couple of days if that would work for you. Let me know if you're interested and hopefully we'll be able to talk about our ideas soon. Thanks, Ed Frez - Web Designer / Programmer


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